Northland Weather Group Net

A wee bit of history about the net...

Back in September of 1986, four of us hams started talking on the 147.180 in the evening chatting about whatever, over a bowl of ice cream. This went on for 3 weeks and then the subject of weather always came up. So on Sept 30, 1986 the Northland Weather Group was formed. After about a year Barb WD9WVD started calling in via phone with her weather. She than got her ham ticket and helped me with the nets. After 10 years I needed a break and Barb ran the net for about 3 years and then I picked it back up. Now Jeff KC0MKS is keeping the net going. Except for a one year hiatus, we never miss more than a few times a year. In the past years the weather had turned severe about 5 times while the net was on.

(Submitted by Loren KATMW)