Northland Weather Group Net

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The order of things

Dr. Sunshine...
  • The Northland Weather Group Net meets on the ARAC repeater system every week. The Net Control Operator usually spends about 45-60 minutes prior to the net preparing the script. Doing so helps the flow go much smoother. Here is a brief summary of what happens...

  • Preamble:
    • Brief comment
    • Call QST
    • Announcements
    • Weekly Weather Trivia Question
    • Check-ins, including weather information from listeners.
  • Local weather:
    • Knife River Weather
    • Pollen Forecast
    • Duluth Weather
    • Regional Radar
    • Regional Temps (Yesterday)
    • Duluth/Superior Forecast
    • Climalogical Data
  • Break:
    • Repeat the Weekly Weather Trivia Question
    • Call for more check-ins
  • National Weather:
    • National Radar
    • Tornado Count
    • Tropical Storms/Hurricanes
  • Space Weather:
    • Sunspots
    • Solar Flare Forecast
    • Solar Winds
    • Geomagnetic Storm Forecast
    • Aurora Outlook
    • Other Space Stuff
  • Postamble:
    • Weekly Weather Trivia Question and Answer
    • Call for late check-ins
    • Total check-in count
    • Good night and 73!